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Founded in 2000, New Vision has been selling electrical panels and cable carriers for decades and has become one of the leading companies in the energy sector in the Egyptian market. Its operations cover many international markets. The company has succeeded in expanding its operations outside the Egyptian market by employing its extensive expertise in manufacturing various electrical products and its deep knowledge of the local markets in which it operates.

The company has four major sectors under its umbrella: electric panels, cable racks, storage units, mobile network batteries and a large customer base ranging from industrial and commercial companies to individual customers. New Vision is one of the leading companies in offering a range of integrated energy solutions to include the supply of raw materials such as sheet metal, stainless steel, aluminum and copper

As well as its contracting projects, design and infrastructure projects, as well as wind power generation as one of the most competitive technologies. New Vision has a leading position in the electric power sector. It has more than 20 manufacturing facilities worldwide and exports its products to 15 countries, enabling it to contribute effectively to economic development in Egypt, the Middle East and North Africa, as well as European and Asian countries.

The company is proud of its position in the forefront of the energy sector and its deep knowledge of the various market trends on the world stage, which enhances its ability to provide the best cost and technology solutions to the countries of the region from developing countries

, As well as the participation of the latest manufacturing techniques among the various subsidiaries in order to maximize the operational efficiency of all sectors and departments. The companys strategy is based on three main axes: the establishment of a company that specializes in providing a complete range of electrical power products, covering a wide geographical area while adopting the latest technology in the implementation of all activities and operations

The companys strategy is supported by a strong business model that will consolidate its position as a global leader in delivering a complete portfolio of energy solutions and enhance its ability to maximize value for all stakeholders.

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New Vision For Electrical Industries & Supplies

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