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cable tray

New Vision Electric manufactures all types of cable Traies and All sizes .

Tray cable is manufactured from cold galvanized sheet and hot galvanized sheet with thickness starting from 0.8 mm to 4 mm.

The wire is also manufactured from the black sheet and then electrostatic paint is applied according to demand

New Vision Electric uses the CNC machine to work in all types of openings required.

New Vision Electric manufactures the Trey cable, which is equipped with a battery.

New Vision Electric manufactures the Trey cable with a flange and tilt.

New Vision Electric manufactures all accessories for Cable Tray from covers, connectors, connectors,

New Vision Electric is installing the Trey cable in different locations. The Trey cable can also be configured on site according to the requirements of the site.

New Vision Electric also manufactures all the necessary cables to install the Trey cable whether the installation is on the wall, suspended or on the ground.

Trey cable is used for feeding mainboards and sub-panels As well as lighting circuits.

Trey cable is used In many factories, commercial buildings, water stations and other applications.